Professional Team

Brings deep entrepreneurial and financial expertise and a track record of building successful cases. We are global in our outlook, which is reflected in our team. Meet the team...

John Batis

Refer of DN Capital

Over 31 years in senior technology roles in IT and invested 30+ small enterprise

Denisa Teneva


20 years+ Financial & invested experience

Yang Bin


17 years+ IT industry  Experience

Steven Tayler


Running 3 companies successfully

in the past of 15 years

James Lindsell


15 years+ working in IT field. Java, database specialist

Sadie Chen

Operation Director

6 years’ experience in campaign operation

Michael Wang

Publisher Manager

5+ years in Affiliate Marketing

Maura Emma

Operation Manager

Used to work in Top Advertiser: Disney and Uber.

Stella Wang

Operation Manager

4 years experiences in advertising.

Andrew Tim

Technical Specialist

Specialize in CCIE, Java, Oracle and PhP

Lena Martha

Operation Manager

8 years+ working experience in Advertising Industry.

Jenny Karin


Specialized in operation and financial management